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The Last Time I Worked Alone & What 200 Means to Me September 13, 2012

When I started in this business I was filled with the excitement of “Being my own Boss”. We all were, weren’t we? We ventured out on our own and had all the hope and naivety that infects any small business owner… then the reality set in. It’s ALL up to ME! Talk about a scary thought! Fear pushed me further than desire ever could. After months of working 60+ hour weeks, I decided to bring in some help and had a Buyer’s Agent help me with showings and writing offers. The title really should’ve been Showing Assistant (with the pay to match) and yet that’s another lesson I learned. We had a good thing going and as my investors took a back seat in my business he was no longer necessary so I went back to a solo act.

It always felt like I was on a lonely island (not a nod to the band) and I thought that’s how I was supposed to feel. We’re independent contractors, remember? It wasn’t until I was introduced to Keller Williams that I realized that might not HAVE to be the way that I worked. While I was skeptical of this company and it’s crazy cult-like followers, it didn’t take me long to realize why they loved it so much. They love it because it loves them. They don’t leave because we don’t leave them. We love our Agents so dang much (and they feel it!) that they don’t WANT to be anywhere else. What a great AHA!

Yesterday, KW Rancho celebrated all of its 200 Agents and how great it’s been all these years. It was so fun and we loved every second and yet, we’ve barely tipped the iceberg. We’re looking toward our next goal and the one after that and the one after that and so on and so forth. So, here’s to our 200:


Have you [insert Social Media platform]’d about your listing today? July 9, 2012

Have you tweeted about your new listing? Did you take a picture and +1 it on Google Plus? Are your friends liking it on facebook? Is your tour going viral thanks to youtube?

Sounds silly and yet I’m serious. Have you googled your listing yet? I bet the person that wants to buy it has. They’ve map searched it, checked its walkability and researched the school district. Have you?

See, you can make a big impact by thinking local. Real local. Whatever that new homeowner would want to know about the home (from the cable provider to the nearest dog park), you should be giving them. They want to know what you know… and some of what you don’t. So, go through your current listings and start blogging (and all other forms of social media) about that which you’d want to know. Important stuff, like where’s the nearest Pinkberry?


My Top 10 Aha’s from KW’s Family Reunion March 8, 2012

It was such a great experience! I went last year for the 1st time and was completely overwhelmed but my 1st year as a KW family member was super awesome! I walked away with pages and pages of notes but here are some of my favorite take-aways or aha’s:

  1. Chris Gardner said, “I made 200 cold calls a day on a rotary phone. Everyday. See how this finger is cockeyed? Next time you sit down at your desk, look at your finger. If it’s too straight, you know you ain’t doing your thing.” To see his finger, go to 5:22:
  2. Mark Willis, our CEO, said that “we want you to be inspired to grow your careers and to grow this company with the fierce urgency of now,” something I abbreviated as FUN.
  3. Russell Rhodes of the Dallas Preston Rd. MC said to “hire people with a servant’s heart. Our service to our clients absolutely comes first. When you remember that the business will come.” I’m a firm believer, Russell.
  4. Matt Fetick, a Mega Agent and KWU International Master Faculty, has truly taken his business mobile using virtual assistants, VoIP, Dropbox, Shoebox and Dragon Dictation.
  5. In Gary Keller’s Vision Speech he said that “you need to be the professional delivering the perspective and the projections so that your clients make informed decisions.”
  6. 72% of Buyers said they’d used their Agent again but on 9% did… what’s that say to you? KIT – Keep in touch!
  7. “Every minute you live, you’re betting your life on  your decisions. Live is an inside (to outside) job. If you want the best life experience, put yourself together first.” – Gary Keller, KW’s Founder
  8. Gary Keller also said that he comes “from a long line of lethargic people. That’s why I have to make hard decisions on how I spend my time.”
  9. Tony DiCello, Director of MAPS Coaching, said to do the following: a) write down your income goal. Then DOUBLE it! b) Become self-aware. This gives you integrity. c) Write down the number of listings you want this year. Knowing that it takes 12 hours of prospecting to generate 1 listing, are you spending enough time prospecting? d) Go back to #1 and realize that Chris did that because his son’s life depended on it.
  10. I have more than ten so I’m going to string together some quotes from Gary Keller:
  • If you haven’t failed, you aren’t trying.
  • Fail your way to success.
  • I don’t think A to B. Blow up the alphabet and only think about Z.
  • I want to live the biggest life possible and fail as often as I can.
  • Somehow we think the little things will add up but they don’t, they stay little. (on thinking bigger)
  • No one succeeds along. (hire well and plug your holes/weaknesses)

Now, take this and do something with it. Motivate yourself toward the life you want. As The Rock says: “Boots to Asses”! Get going or Get out!

Make it a great Thursday!