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No New Truths January 30, 2013

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There are no new truths.

The same thing that made my dad successful, will make me successful. The same things his dad and grandfather did, also will. There’s nothing you can do that someone hasn’t done in some way.

I do want to tweak that a bit though.

The founder of Keller Williams says that he comes from a long line of lazy people and in order to be successful, he had to limit his time with them.

My story’s a bit different. My family has many people who have found success, it’s just that their success hasn’t reached the heights to which I aspire.

Still, I don’t need to reinvent the wheel, I just need to learn how to tweak it. So, I’m on a path of learning how to tweak success.


Tis the Season for… December 19, 2012

Personally, this is a great time of year to prep for next year. While I love to evaluate what I’ve done, I’m also ambitiously looking at 2013! I started planning for next year months ago and am putting the finishing touches on it these last few days of the year. I feel like waiting till January is missing the boat a bit. Am I the only one?

This is also a good time of year for gratitude. I live in gratitude. It’s funny how often I simply say ‘thank you’ and it seems to make someone do a double-take. When you express thankfulness and appreciation, you’ll see it continue to find you.

The extra step. I always love asking someone with a great idea what it looks like 3 steps in. I’m not suggesting that as much as I’m saying that most people don’t think 1 step in. What if you took 1 extra step? Tipped $1 more? Hugged 1 more person?

Deck the Halls. Celebrate your successes! 2012’s been an amazing year! We’ve seen family and friends get married, have babies, survive health scares and we’re still here to welcome 2013! Relish the high points of your amazing year and welcome 2013 with open arms!

Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! However your family celebrates, may this find you healthy and happy!


Dumbfound Your Competition: Get a HUGE Jumpstart on 2013 December 3, 2012

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When I read this article this morning, I was taken back a few years. See, I’ve heard this story before from Darren Hardy and it still sits as a good reminder on this first Monday of December.  What do you think about this strategy? I personally love it!

When I was in real estate I would acquire more new listings and generate more new escrows in the month of January (many times within the first two weeks) than 99% of Realtors did ALL YEAR.

How did I do it?

Those are the sneaky details I will give you in this article.

I am often asked for the fastest, most reliable pathway to success. Let me give you a formula that will guide you forevermore and lead you to extraordinary riches.


Observe what most everyone else is doing—and do the opposite.

Think about it.

Most everyone else is unsuccessful.

Doing the opposite gives you the opposite result: success.


That formula describes what Richard Branson, Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and most every other superachiever you can think of used.

If everyone else is zigging—zag.

Now then, what do most people do during the month of December?

Are people more focused and more productive or more distracted and lackadaisical? Are people working hard or hardly working?

You already know the answer.

That’s why you want to do the opposite.

This is when you can get ahead, WAY AHEAD and can take advantage of the mood of the season, rather than the mood of the season taking advantage of you.

I’ll explain.

Three December strategies to CRUSH IT in January

ONE. In real estate, the market dies in December. It’s the holidays, no one wants to have their house on the market, with people tromping through it and they are too busy buying Christmas gifts to think about buying a house.

They don’t even have the time or interest to even meet with a Realtor in December. This kind of scenario might be true for you in your business too. So what do you do?

Here’s the secret…

Spend the entire month booking your appointment calendar for January. They don’t want to meet with you now, but they are even more apt to book an appointment with you for January, which is ALL-THE-WAY in next year—appointment-booking resistance is low.

By the time 8 a.m. Jan. 2 would come around I was booked solid, wall-to-wall, flat out, the entire month. Those who just started to rub the sleep out of their eyes and just began to make appointments the first week in January were so far behind they didn’t know what had hit them by January 15.

No one could ever figure out how I did so much business in January of each year. It had nothing to do with what I did that January; the game had been decided by what I did in December of the previous year.

For you – that’s RIGHT NOW.

So, strategy one is while maybe no one wants what you are selling during the holiday lag time, use this month to book yourself silly in January.

TWO. The year is ending. There are lots of businesses that run their fiscal year on the annual calendar and even lots of individuals who for tax reasons need to make some speedy decisions and spend some money quickly.

Completely reprioritize your prospecting list to those types of clients that have these year-end closing challenges and opportunities.

If you are a generalized business, focus your product or service offerings to meet those needs. Adjust your marketing messaging to communicate to those needs.

Strategy two is reprioritize WHO you focus on, WHAT you focus on marketing to them and connect a timely and purposeful MESSAGE to those needs.

You could significantly jump your revenue in the final two-minute drill of the year.

THREE. Stack your cash. I think it was Stephen Covey who defined relationships as emotional bank accounts. During any exchange, or transaction, you are either depositing money or you are withdrawing it. What we know for sure is, just like a real bank account, you cannot withdraw any money if there is NO money in the account.

The month of December is a great time to make large deposits into lots of relationship accounts. The goal is to walk into the new year flush with cash.

The way to do this is to give, give, give in December.

Strategy number three is to spend the month of December building your important relationships and making lots of emotional deposits.

OK, I hope one of these ideas lit a spark in you and that I have made a sizable deposit into our relationship account.

Now go out and get your big jump on the competition… they will be dumbfounded by your success and momentum by January 31, 2013.

Share this article with your team and deposit your thoughts, ideas and inspirations in the comments below.

Courtesy of Darren Hardy which is published at


The things that are easy to do are also easy not to do. -Jim Rohn July 10, 2012

KWRI staff evaluated The Slight Edge: Turning Simple Solutions Into Massive Success by Jeff Olson and I loved what they said so much that I had to share:

Big Thoughts. Olsen dedicates the first half of the book to defining The Slight Edgeand shares examples of the philosophy at work. His take on what catapults people to the top of their game: successful people do what unsuccessful people won’t.

The little things that will make you successful in life, that will secure your health, your happiness, your fulfillment, your dreams, are simple, subtle, tiny things that nobody will see, nobody will applaud and nobody will even notice while it’s happening. Real success is taking a progressive approach to your success. Olsen says, successful people do that by choosing the right attitude and actions day in and day out, allowing those actions to compound over time and then continuing to do them in very key areas of your life.


Best Chapter(s) Chapters 1 – 3 review The Slight Edge Principals and build the case for changing your philosophy on winning over the long-term. Chapter 6 lays out the seven ways to apply The Slight Edge Principal to your life. In Chapter 12 Olsen applies the SMART goal-setting process in the areas of health, personal development, relationships, finances and life – a great exercise for anyone looking to make some serious changes to their success trajectory.

If you read nothing else: Olsen’s principal is rooted in logical thinking, and yet, he points out, many people don’t do it. In our haste for immediate results we seek the fast fix, the secret ingredients and the one perfect formula for success. Olsen argues that it’s the things you do every day, the things that don’t look like they matter, that do matter. They not only make a difference – the make all the difference.

Put it in Practice. The Slight Edge can work for or against you. In Chapter 6 Olsen identifies the 7 Slight Edge Principles to create a game plan for success over the long-term.

  1. Show Up
  2. Be Consistent
  3. Have a Good Attitude
  4. Be Committed for a Long Period of Time
  5. Have Faith and a Burning Desire
  6. Be Willing to Pay the Price
  7. Practice Slight Edge Integrity

They gave it an 8 and yet anything that triggers a Jim Rohn quote in my head has to be good things. I’m getting this today as I’m sure I’ll enjoy this read. Also, I couldn’t help and notice that he seems to use the BOLD idea of PTFAR… Wonder if he’s in MAPS Coaching?!


Great Deals & Reading April 13, 2010

I’m always trying to keep ya’ll up-to-date in regards to all that’s around me and this week there are some REALLY great articles out and some deals that I thought I’d give ya’ll a head’s up about.

The Westin Mission Hills Resort & Spa has a great deal going on right now that gets you a 525SF room for just $79 a night!

And, Alaska Airlines has a bunch of deals going on right now. Also, don’t forget that JetBlue is still celebrating their 10th Anniversary and have some stellar prices right now, too!

SUCCESS Magazine does Profiles in Courage and this article focuses on Wilbur & Orville Wright. It’s a pretty great read!

They also have a guest writer, Dr. Flippen, who I’ve been speaking highly of since High School when I took his Teen Leadership class with Coach Hazard. This article is a short read but if you’re looking for more, get his book, The Flip Side.

And, my last bit from SUCCESS comes from their Editor-in-Chief, Darren Hardy, who says that you don’t have to fake it till you make it… gee, what a novel thought!

And, lastly for my REALTORS, BofA was kind enough to give us a step-by-step guide on how to work their system for Short Sales, Equator. If you’re already signed up then you skip a bit of this and just read about the parts that pertain to the Short Sales with BofA. No more faxes! Can’t wait!