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No Cookies For You January 12, 2013

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This article by Keller Williams Rancho Cucamonga Assistant Team Leader Melissa Krchnak originally appeared on YPN Lounge by REALTOR Magazine Blogs.

Jim Rohn asks, “What does the word ‘no’ mean to a child? Almost nothing.” He’s so right, too. I have two nieces under the age of 6 that I just spent last week with and they couldn’t understand “no” any less. No candy. No soda. No dessert until after dinner. No playing with your Happy Meal toy until you finish your nuggets. And yet, they still push. They’re relentless. They don’t give up until I give in. And, they always win. Not because I’m the cool, fun aunt. Because I get worn down to a place of exhaustion. It’s so energy-draining that it’s not worth the fight.

I’m not saying you should wear your clients down the way these two adorable rug rats do me, yet, why do we announce defeat at the first “no?”

I have a challenge for you: If you set out to make a certain number of calls today (say 100),  set out to get 100 “nos” rather than make 100 calls. It’ll take a few more calls, and yet, that extra call might mean extra business.

Here’s to getting nos!


My Mentor’s Mentor: Jim Rohn December 5, 2012

Over three years ago, my mentor (who was just my boss at the time) sent me home one weekend with a task. I was to listen to, read and watch everything he owned that was Jim Rohn. Now, I’d been making fun of my mentor for his man-crush on Jim for some time and wasn’t particularly excited to devote hours upon hours of my weekend on this “assignment”.

So, I procrastinated and saved this all for Sunday. And, as I sat on the floor of my room, I knew my entire life was changing. I was taking notes and furiously thinking of my past, present and future in a way that I never had nor would’ve. Jim Rohn delivered me a new perspective on my life.

There would be another weekend that would shake me. I rolled over that Saturday morning of Dec. 5th in 2009 and started checking my emails on my BlackBerry (yep, remember way back when?) and one of the first ones was from Jim Rohn‘s people saying that he had passed. I sat up and cried. This man who I had never met had enriched my life and completely changed its trajectory and I would never get an opportunity to thank him. I was so devastated. My eyes are welling up as I write this. It’s incredibly emotional for me.

In February of 2010, there would be a spectacular Tribute to him in Anaheim and my mentor and I were of course in attendance. We heard from Harvey Mackay, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Anthony Robbins, Darren Hardy, Denis Waitley and Chris Widener about how Jim had impacted their life. It was wonderfully moving and a great reminder of what kind of man Jim truly was.

I’ll always be grateful for all the ways my mentor’s helped me grow and yet I don’t think anything can compare to the day he shared with me the teachings of Jim Rohn. Thank you, MP! I owe you. Big time.


Updates from the Last Week February 10, 2010

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I was in Indian Wells Wednesday through Saturday but my body didn’t feel like I was home until Monday. These meetings are incredibly valuable but they are also mentally and physically exhausting. Running from one meeting to the next really takes a toll… on my heels! I’m of course joking, but it was a lot of information in a very small amount of time. Going back through my notes feels like I’m studying for a test in college all over again.

Of all the things that I took away the one I want to bring to everyone’s attention (because in June there will be an official vote on most of the items) is a situation in Big Bear. The local lodges and B&B’s are trying to make it so that any residential rentals (personally owned homes that you rent out) would be held to the same ADA restrictions that they are. While I appreciate the idea of making more homes ADA compliant, I don’t think that forcing EVERY home to go through those kinds of extensive changes is necessary. If this were to become law, I have little doubt that it would spread to the other vacation rental communities throughout California. This proves a long battle but I hope that it rules in favor of the homeowners.

And, as soon as I came back, I had little time to rest before heading to the Jim Rohn Memorial. If you even know me kind of, you’ve most definitely heard me spout a Jim Rohn quote (whether I gave him credit for it at the time or not). I respect his philosophies immensely and will continue to listen to his voice as often as I can. I implore you to read just a snippet of what he represents. I’d love to lend you a CD or DVD. They’re powerful and power is at it’s best when it’s the power of giving.

Tomorrow night is CVAR’s Mastermind RoundTable at 6pm at the CVAR and for $5 you can get pizza, beer and lots of good discussion and ideas about business and how to improve it. Last year’s was a huge success and we’re hoping for similar success.