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Updates from the Last Week February 10, 2010

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I was in Indian Wells Wednesday through Saturday but my body didn’t feel like I was home until Monday. These meetings are incredibly valuable but they are also mentally and physically exhausting. Running from one meeting to the next really takes a toll… on my heels! I’m of course joking, but it was a lot of information in a very small amount of time. Going back through my notes feels like I’m studying for a test in college all over again.

Of all the things that I took away the one I want to bring to everyone’s attention (because in June there will be an official vote on most of the items) is a situation in Big Bear. The local lodges and B&B’s are trying to make it so that any residential rentals (personally owned homes that you rent out) would be held to the same ADA restrictions that they are. While I appreciate the idea of making more homes ADA compliant, I don’t think that forcing EVERY home to go through those kinds of extensive changes is necessary. If this were to become law, I have little doubt that it would spread to the other vacation rental communities throughout California. This proves a long battle but I hope that it rules in favor of the homeowners.

And, as soon as I came back, I had little time to rest before heading to the Jim Rohn Memorial. If you even know me kind of, you’ve most definitely heard me spout a Jim Rohn quote (whether I gave him credit for it at the time or not). I respect his philosophies immensely and will continue to listen to his voice as often as I can. I implore you to read just a snippet of what he represents. I’d love to lend you a CD or DVD. They’re powerful and power is at it’s best when it’s the power of giving.

Tomorrow night is CVAR’s Mastermind RoundTable at 6pm at the CVAR and for $5 you can get pizza, beer and lots of good discussion and ideas about business and how to improve it. Last year’s was a huge success and we’re hoping for similar success.


3 Closings in One Week! January 29, 2010

I’ve been very blessed with getting 2 Buyers into their 1st homes and helping an investor on a flip property! I love when all the work comes together!

I’m busy wrapping up lots of work before I head to Indian Wells next week. And, man, is there a ton!

They’ve started highlighting some of the subjects we’ll be talking about and they’re all very worth conversations. First off, California is trying to make their own tax credit so when the Federal Government’s Tax Credit Expires, we’d want one in place that’s similar.

Also, we’ll be looking at getting a statewide standard for property maintenance. Some cities are really good about taking care of their code violations and some aren’t. We’d like to see something that isn’t so spotty.

We’re also going to be voting on something for the HOAs. Right now when and HOA wants to change the rules, it just has to be a majority vote.  We would like to see a 2/3 vote. This protects the HOA that someone purchases in from major changes without major agreement.

We’re also expecting some new news from Fannie and Freddie regarding the process and what we can expect for the future.

And, one that’s close to my heart, the editing of the Purchase Contract. With as many Short Sales and REOs that our Buyers are writing offers on, we need to make sure that we’re protecting them in every way we can. Also, one of the changes would address the issue of technology that is hanging on the wall. Per the Contract now, anything attached to the home is included in the sale unless expressly written otherwise. How many times do you think that someone doesn’t even think about writing that their TV is coming with them? All the time!

I’ll update ya’ll when I get back from the CAR Meetings in Indian Wells with lots of information!

And, stay tuned for YPN events that are coming up… they’re going to be great!