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I love Citrus Valley Association of @REALTORS! April 12, 2012

Boy, howdy!

If you went to CVAR‘s 4th Annual Symposium today, you were inundated with information! You walked out with notes galore of websites and apps you’ve never heard of, with Short Sale strategies you didn’t consider, economic trends you couldn’t see coming and knowing what animal you are.

I am always impressed by my association but they pulled out all the stops today. We started the morning with John Mulville, Senior VP of, who laid out how much longer it’s really going to take, what job creation looks like and what to expect for our ever-changing market. Then we had Nobu Hata, the 2012 NAR YPN Chair, emphasise the importance of being “local, social, mobile” and how to make blogging simple enough for anyone to do. Our lunch speaker, Chris Smith the Chief Evangelist for Inman, give us the tools and the tool belt on how to be successful in that world that Nobu talked about. After lunch we had a great Distressed Property Panel moderated by the always-funny and freshly brushed Jacob Swodeck which touched on REOs, Short Sales, that climate and how to best negotiate through it. Last but certainly not least was Stefan Swanepoel, of NY Time’s Bestseller Surviving Your Serengeti fame, who showed everyone what animal they are.

If any of this is going over your head, let me know and I’d love to share my notes! I just had to sing my Association’s praises since they put together this dynamic day for us. If you missed it, you REALLY missed out! It was amazing!


What are you taking with you? March 13, 2011

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I’m very blessed to have amazing people around me and with all the hard work I put into my clients finding the perfect home, my investors finding a great deal, my local, state and national associations getting my undivided attention to detail on certain projects; I don’t find the time I’d like for the ones I love most.

Most know that all of my family is in Texas. That makes time with them precious. It also makes the friends and colleagues here in California, that much more imperative to me. I value having good people around me and I can easily drown myself in work and forget to connect with the people I care most about, mostly because it’s easy for me to get to the office early and stay late when I don’t have someone at home complaining about how much time I invest in my Real Estate world.

On this Sunday afternoon, I hope that you’re surrounded by love. I’m surrounded with work but I just spent the last 6 days with amazing friends, colleagues and mentors. I was very blessed to go to the RE/MAX Convention where over 4,500 people from over 50 Countries gathered to share ideas and network. It was great to meet new people and reconnect with my RE/MAX Masters family. Then I spent some time with some of my CVAR & TIGAR family. I really do work with some of the best people in the industry!

If you don’t feel blessed on this gorgeous afternoon, go find something to make you smile… a child’s laughter, your mother’s cooking, a wise word, a warm breeze. Make sure that you remember that you can only take memories with you… everything else is getting left here. What are you leaving behind (generosity, kindness, knowledge) and what are you taking with you?

And, a BIG Congratulations to my friend, fellow CAR Director and YPN, Sofia Aquayo! She just got engaged and is happier than I’ve ever seen her! Best of luck to you and George!


Wow, 2010! February 16, 2010

There are a TON of events coming up that are going to be entertaining and/or educational so there is going to be plenty for everyone!

March 4th Jared James (who was one of REALTOR Magazine’s  last year’s top 30 Under 30 last year) will be doing a FREE Webinar courtesy of CVAR’s YPN! Email me for more information!

Also, that day TIGAR (a neighboring association of REALTORS) will be having their 1st YPN event! CVAR’s YPN is so excited for them!

March 11th I’ll be watching Brian Buffini and many others talk about the current market and what to expect in the future. That’ll be fun because I’ll be watching at The Bridge in LA!

March 13-14 is the Home Buyers Fair at the LA Convention Center! It’s FREE courtesy of the LA Times and California Association of REALTORS. Let me know if you need any more info!

April 8th the CVAR is having a Casino Night at Vista Manor to raise money for our brand new building on Route 66! It’s going to be a really fun night and we’re looking forward to REALTORS supporting our new home!

This doesn’t EVEN cover the whole 1st half of the year but I’ll keep ya’ll posted about more events as they get closer!


Updates from the Last Week February 10, 2010

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I was in Indian Wells Wednesday through Saturday but my body didn’t feel like I was home until Monday. These meetings are incredibly valuable but they are also mentally and physically exhausting. Running from one meeting to the next really takes a toll… on my heels! I’m of course joking, but it was a lot of information in a very small amount of time. Going back through my notes feels like I’m studying for a test in college all over again.

Of all the things that I took away the one I want to bring to everyone’s attention (because in June there will be an official vote on most of the items) is a situation in Big Bear. The local lodges and B&B’s are trying to make it so that any residential rentals (personally owned homes that you rent out) would be held to the same ADA restrictions that they are. While I appreciate the idea of making more homes ADA compliant, I don’t think that forcing EVERY home to go through those kinds of extensive changes is necessary. If this were to become law, I have little doubt that it would spread to the other vacation rental communities throughout California. This proves a long battle but I hope that it rules in favor of the homeowners.

And, as soon as I came back, I had little time to rest before heading to the Jim Rohn Memorial. If you even know me kind of, you’ve most definitely heard me spout a Jim Rohn quote (whether I gave him credit for it at the time or not). I respect his philosophies immensely and will continue to listen to his voice as often as I can. I implore you to read just a snippet of what he represents. I’d love to lend you a CD or DVD. They’re powerful and power is at it’s best when it’s the power of giving.

Tomorrow night is CVAR’s Mastermind RoundTable at 6pm at the CVAR and for $5 you can get pizza, beer and lots of good discussion and ideas about business and how to improve it. Last year’s was a huge success and we’re hoping for similar success.