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Do you have a WIG? October 30, 2013

No, I’m au natural.

Bruce Hardie was just in Baltimore talking about The 4 Disciplines of Execution and getting your Wildly Important Goal figured out.

Oh, that kind of a WIG… Yea, I’ve got one of those!

Most of us do not have a problem with getting great ideas. Hell, we could revolutionize our industry with all of our awesome thoughts we come up with throughout the day. It’s the plan for execution we trip on. Yep, I’ve felt those bruises, too.

So, figure out what your 1st domino is: what is the ONE Thing that when you achieve will make all your other little goals easier or unnecessary? That, my friends, is your WIG.

There are 4 steps however you have to build a rock solid foundation before you throw up beams and a roof and call it a home.