Musings of a Career Consultant

SoCal Texan in Bmore Leading Rock Stars

Consulting May 29, 2014

What is Real Estate? 

Real Estate is just simply described as “property consisting of building or lands”.

What is a Consultant?

A consultant normally starts a relationship with a new prospect by presenting and discussing objectives.

What I do?

  • As a Real Estate Consultant, people matter. My life’s objective is to be more impactful. Allow me to explore and help you with your areas of strength and opportunities to quickly get you to your goals.

How can I get you to your goals?

I. Discovery

  • Needs Analysis: In less than thirty minutes, we will be able to determine where you are and your areas of opportunities. With few minutes and number provided, we will be assessing who and what you need.

II. Find and Hire talent

  • Stay away from the stress of hiring people. Let me do it for you! From the hunt to hire, I will find your perfect match.
  • The hiring process includes lead generating for talent, initial screening interviews of all candidates (30 candidates minimum), those showing promise will be taken for an hour long comprehensive interview, understanding and validating behavioral assessments. We will then prepare for commitment interview which includes interview questions, offer letter, construct compensation, job description, and job tasks.

III. Create New Hire Training Program

  • Your new hire will be trained on a high level manner through a custom planned program that will allow you to stay focus on your goals.

IV. Accountability

  • Being in control in these conversations, you know that this will happen on a weekly basis no matter what your schedule is and you’re assured that goals are being met.
  • Once hire is made, there will be a weekly accountability conversation with your hire that would last for 30 minutes. The first 3 months will be concentrating on the 100 days training program, and then we will be moving to the accountability tool built off your annual action plan.

V. Business Plan

  • If you would like to help with your annual business plan which is necessary to build your hire’s accountability, I have a proven formula that will guarantee success for your team and your hire. If your current action plan will not guarantee success then it will be vital that we build this together.



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