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#boom Moments from The Greatest Business Decisions of All Time March 4, 2015

This was an easy read so if you’re jumping into business development and not looking to take on Rockefeller or Carnegie’s autobiographies quite yet, this is a good jumping off point.

A lot of my highlights happened in the forward written by Jim Collins (author of Good to Great) so it doesn’t make my number of aha’s surprising.

  • What’s your greatest hedge against uncertainty? Having people who can adapt to whatever the mountain throws at you.
  • Great decisions begin with really great people and a simple statement: I don’t know.
  • I tried to make heroes out of those on my team who identified flaws in my thinking.
  • No major decision we’ve studied was ever taken to the point of a unanimous agreement. There was always some disagreement in the air.
  • What is the truth of this situation?
  • What is the truth about the outside world?
  • Some decisions are much bigger than others; some are forks in the road.
  • We are responsible for our own outcomes. –Southwest
  • You can’t entirely control your own destiny with good decisions. Luck is still a factor.
  • Decision-making is ultimately a creative act.

About Steve Jobs: his leadership matched the culture of the company… a sense of flair, showmanship and pride. –Adam Lashinsky

The decisions that make or break companies are often cobbled together on the fly. Why? Because no one can come up with anything better. Over a drink… they decided… to make yet another momentous decision. –Jennifer Reingold about Zappos

With the Tylenol recall of 1982, Johnson & Johnson decided that “everyone came before stockholders.”

There are so many more. This is a taste of this easy-to-read book. Enjoy!


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