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Things Keep Popping Up June 6, 2013

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Time blocking and I are homies. We hang out all the time. I live and breathe off of my perfectly time blocked calendar. Time blocking has released so much stress in my life. You have no idea.

You have no idea because things keep ‘popping up’. A buyer needs to go out. I have a new listing. This paperwork needs to be submitted. It just keeps ‘popping up’. This is me just coming from curiosity: did you not know yesterday that there might be a buyer that could call and want to see homes? Did you not know yesterday that your full time job is taking listings? Did your broker just start asking for paperwork today?

When things ‘pop up’, fit them in. Your schedule that is.

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard (even very successful) REALTORS say that they can’t time block. I believe that’s incredibly short sighted. How can we best get the outcome we desire? Planning. Business starts with a business plan and personal stems from that. If you aren’t planning for your business, is your family getting the short end of the stick?

I see my family in Texas at least 3-4 times a year and sometimes 6 times a year. That’s not by default, it’s by design.

If you’re living a life by default, it might be worthwhile to Skype or visit your favorite time blocker. I believe you and your family deserve better, do you?


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