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Before a Dollar Was Cheap… February 11, 2013

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Before there was a Dollar Tree or 99 Cent Store, there were Five and Dime stores.

My Aunt Viola (who’s really my great-aunt), has run her store, Holub’s Five and Ten, for over 70 years (even after my Uncle Daniel passed nearly 30 years ago). She’s an amazing woman and closed her doors Saturday.

Her sweet store obviously didn’t curb the trend and yet she was proud of it in its heyday. Are there any pieces of your business that are a bit outdated and need some updating/love?


One Response to “Before a Dollar Was Cheap…”

  1. Shamik Says:

    Oh wow, it sad to see businesses that have been going strong for so many years, close their doors. Wishing your aunt Viola relaxing, continued success. 🙂

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