Musings of a Career Consultant

SoCal Texan in Bmore Leading Rock Stars

I Heart Giving Back! January 11, 2013

I’m so excited about the committees I’m sitting on this year at CAR. I’m especially pumped with the Committees for which I’m the Regional Representative. I got some great marching orders this year.

I’m of course on YPN. They have to put up with me for 11 more years!

This year, I finally got on Taxation and Government Finance! This took enough begging, pleading and schmoozing.

And, I’m Regional Rep for the Home Ownership Housing and Housing Investment Committees. We’ve changed the committee structure a bit so these two are new for us. I’m so excited to be apart of both of them for our Region.

Want to check me out via CAR? Here you go 🙂


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