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The Big Why November 12, 2012

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When your ‘why’ is big enough, the ‘how’ won’t be an issue. I sincerely believe that. My Big Why is my family. Past, present and future. Seeing them as often as possible, sharing in the great adventures of life with them and relishing in all those simple, silly moments. From watching The Bachelorette with my mom to going with my cousin to get her car fixed to going to church with my godparents. They are my reason for doing what I do.

My father is also a guiding influence in my life. He had an incredible work ethic. And demanded nothing less of me.

Also important to me is my future family; husband and child. I intend to make myself available while also proving that hard work and dedication to your craft doesn’t mean sacrificing your existence and time with them.

See, with those being my reasons ‘why’, it really doesn’t matter how I do it. I’ll fail forward and embarrass myself, trip along the way and get into trouble for being too aggressive. And yet, I wouldn’t take one step differently.

I may be the most domineering person you’ll meet and I don’t apologize for it. Because my family depends on that. Time with my family is directly related to how well I’m doing in work so I will continue to push forward which might mean I frustrate people and rub someone the wrong way and get under your skin. And I don’t care.

Because all I want to do is see my beautiful nieces as soon possible, laugh with my sisters as often as I can and eat as much of my momma’s home cooking as my stomach allows.

Here’s to my Big Why… What’s yours?





4 Responses to “The Big Why”

  1. Rudy b Says:

    I think I’m hooked with your blog. You should be a writer. Lol. Nicely written. My why is my mom, and 2 lil girls I am trying my hardest to raise so that they never have to depend on a man. Next weeks lesson, changing a tire…lol I’m kidding :). You are going to make someone a very lucky guy someday.

    • mkrchnak Says:

      Thank you, Ruby! I think that’s the best WHY ever! My dad never wanted me to get caught/stuck with a man in any situation (from a date to a marriage) without a way out. So, I’ve never gone on a date I couldn’t pay my way out of nor will I settle with my career. Keep at it and your girls will grow up to be strong, independent women like you are!

  2. Rudy b Says:

    Thanks, but FYI…it’s Rudy, and I’m their father lol 🙂

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