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I’m Your Pusher! September 7, 2012

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So, some nicknames keep floating around the office for me: Missy I, the Beast, T-Block and the one that’s sticking the most: The Pusher. Every time someone uses it, I think of Ice-T… I can’t help it.

What do all of these nicknames mean? On a DISC assessment, I lead with my “I” (effusive, flamboyant, bubbly, effervescent) so that’s “Missy I”. Some of the boys in the office use Matt Kemp‘s “beastmode” when we talk business and when I give them an innovative idea, they say I’m a beast. I’m a big proponent of time-blocking henceforth T-Block. And, The Pusher because the girls across the hall hear me when I’m handling objections and I just push through to get an appointment. ‘No’ is not an answer I take easily.

If your clients could nickname you, what would it be? Would that *really* be your nickname or are you sugar-coating what you think they think of you? I think all of mine above fit me. I actually want to steal one that Mo Anderson has: the velvet hammer. I love that! I picture a purple velvet hammer… don’t ask why it’s purple.


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