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CRMLS is Making Some Changes… Are You Aware of Them? August 27, 2012

On Tuesday, August 28, the following changes will be made in the CRMLS Matrix platform:

Changes to Printed Reports and Search Displays

  • The ML# field on the Quick CMA report will be removed to make room for the addition of theDOM/CDOM and COE Date/End Date fields.
  • The Baths Total field (Ba) on the Agent 1 Linedisplay will be removed and replaced with Baths Full/ThreeQtr/Half/OneQtr (Bth(F,T,H,Q)).
  • The Open House Agent Full report and display will be renamed to Open House Full.
  • All search displays containing an agent’s DRE#will link directly to the DRE site with the agent’s license information.

Field Changes

  • When adding a Residential Income listing, the totals entered into Unit Information must match the total number of units that you input in the # of Units field. For example, if you entered 3 in the # of Units field, you will be required to enter Unit Information for three units. For each type of unit you specify in the #Units field, you will be required to enter information in the corresponding#Bedrms#BathsFurnished?Garage SpacesActual RentTotal Rent, and Pro Forma fields. If the number of garage spaces you entered is equal to one or more, you will also be required to enter a value in the Garage Attached/Detached field.
  • If Notice of Default is not selected in the Sale Type field when entering a Short Sale listing, you will receive an input warning asking you to verify that a Notice of Default does not exist. If a Notice of Default does occur, you will need to update your listing. This is for all property types.
  • If the value entered in the Date of Listing field is more than 10 days from the day you enter the listing in Matrix, you will receive an input warning during listing input. Input will still be allowed.
  • When entering Mobile Home listings, the Park NameManager’s Name, and Contact Information fields will be required.
  • When entering a Mobile Home listing, if you selectNone in the Park Type field, the Space Number,Park Name, and Manager’s Name fields will no longer be required.
  • When entering a Mobile Home listing, if you selectLease in the Land Fee/Lease field, the Land Lease/Space Rent Amount field will be required.

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