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Your Telephobia is Killing your Business! July 27, 2012

Unlike some phobias that have weird names, I’m sure you know what this one is the fear of… the telephone! The fear of making and/or receiving calls. Now, I know that ya’ll don’t think ya’ll have a fear of receiving calls and yet if I were to call all of the Agents with Active Listings in my city right now, I bet I’d only get 1/3 of them on the phone. What the crap is that? Don’t you want to make money?!

The flip side of this coin is making the calls. It’s so funny to me how weirded out Agents get about making the calls they need to in order to grow their business.

Yesterday I asked an Agent in my office what he was doing today to build his business. He kind of gave me a blank stare before rambling on about the 80%* that he doesn’t really have to do. I asked him if he’d do me a favor and call 20 people. He flat-out said ‘no’. When asked if he’d do it the next day, he haggled for 10. Really guys?! It’s just a phone! They’re not going to hurt you… the worst they could say is that they don’t know anybody looking to buy or sell. Awesome! You’re one step closer to finding someone who does want to buy or sell.

This rant was started by the TBWS guys and their vid. Happy Friday!

*The 80/20 rule


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