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SoCal Texan in Bmore Leading Rock Stars

From 17B to 8,000B in 12 Years July 24, 2012

Do you think text messages have really jumped in usage? I’m going to go with, ugh, YEA!

I remember watching the first commercial for texting and thinking it was ridiculous… I’m obviously no Steve Jobs. Now ask me how many texts I sent the last month. I actually don’t know. After going over two months in a row years ago, I knew I had to go unlimited. It’s been worth every penny. How could I dream of restricting my texts?!

If you’re not using texts to keep in contact with your clients – before, during and after the transaction – you’re missing a free and fast form of a ‘touch’.

What’s my favorite ‘touch’ via text? Texting my clients on Friday afternoons and wishing them a wonderful weekend. Sometimes I include a of the weather to show off how awesome it’ll be or a link to a cool event. What do ya’ll think? What’s your favorite way to communicate with clients?


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