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Don’t Call it a Comeback: Job Growth Weakest in a Year; Unemployment Rate Up June 1, 2012

I read a lot every morning (thank you, twitter) about housing, economics and legislation surrounding housing. It feeds my little soul. Sound weird to you? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. But we each have that thing that challenges us every morning to make the world better than we left it and my belief of education of consumers, elected officials and REALTORS on housing related issues fuels me.

So, this morning, I saw this headline come through from DS News (Job Growth Weakest in a Year; Unemployment Rate Up) and immediately the lyrics from LL Cool J‘s Mama Said Knock You Out popped into my head: Don’t Call it a Comeback.

We added 69,000 jobs in May… far below our goal of 150,000 and our unemployment is at 8.2%. In California, those numbers aren’t much prettier – as of March, we’ve gotten our unemployment down to 11.2% from it’s 2010 high of 12.4% and our jobs aren’t being added as quickly and plentifully as we’d like. What I also harp on is underemployment. There are so many Californians that are working fewer hours with less benefits than a couple of years ago.

I know jobs exist in our Country and you might be feeling it differently where you live. In Austin, where I was two weeks ago, the paper the day I flew out was toting a 6.5% unemployment rate. I thought to myself “show offs”… I was envious of my home state’s good fortune in this economy.

2012 is the year to make your voice heard and I don’t care what side of the aisle you’re on (I’m fiscally conservative and socially open-minded), you need to vote in YOUR best interest, in our Country’s best interest.


2 Responses to “Don’t Call it a Comeback: Job Growth Weakest in a Year; Unemployment Rate Up”

  1. The REAL unemplyoment rate is probably higher (ie those who gave up and left the work farce, er, force). The whole thing was avoidable, and it should be a wake up call. Unfortunately, the two main political parties are both highly corrupted, and part of the problem. Have you guessed, I am an Independent. It is going to take some time and commitment to turn this around. Stand on the Constitution. Not black/white, left/right personal or party agendas. The Two Parties are the only ones having a party….at our (the American People’s) expense.

    • mkrchnak Says:

      I completely agree! I think most Americans can say that they’re not really one party completely. We all lean more middle than we do left or right… it’s just too bad that’s not being represented.

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