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Toughen up, Buttercup! Selling your home is doing business, it’s not personal April 17, 2012

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Toughen up Buttercup!  Selling your home is doing business, it’s not personal.

Dear Seller:

I can completely understand you not appreciating negative feedback from a Buyers’ Agent and/or their clients about the décor, floor plan as well as condition.

Honestly, I was the one that probably said it to you at our first meeting.  You asked me what my “thoughts” were about the property and if you will recall I was open and honest (and very nice about it) and told you the changes that immediately needed attention.  I know you did what you could to make these changes and improvements.  Sometimes when working with a limited budget there is just so far that dollar can stretch.  I get this.

Buyers that are looking for property these days, don’t get it.  

They just don’t.

In a housing market where it’s a beauty contest and pricing war you have to understand that Buyer’s are out looking for something that “fits” them.  Economically, lifestyle, location and yes, CONDITION.  We also have to be aware of your neighbors that might “outshine and out price” us.   Unfortunately, this is a fact that we have to deal with.

Knowing all of these details and the many conversations we have had regarding feedback I’m still surprised that you are thrown off kilter about some “comments”.  We asked these REALTORS® to provide to us their honest opinion.   Their honesty can help guide us in this journey we are taking together.  Let’s not make the road any bumpier than necessary by taking these comments personally.

That’s why I’m asking you again Seller to Toughen up Buttercup!  Selling your home is doing business, it’s not personal.

This was taken from Sheila Moran‘s ActiveRain blog. You can learn more about Sheila at


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