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Nobody Wants To Work August 30, 2011

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Nobody wants to work. Everybody wants something for nothing. The easy way is usually the destructive way. -Bette Davis

It’s kind of baffling to me when I hear about those that want something for nothing. I’ve always been a fan of hard work and relish my accomplishments (large and small). I enjoy helping a 1st-time home-buyer get their 1st home as much as I enjoy getting an appointment I’ve desired. But there’s something that has to happen between the idea of these things and their attainment. It’s a little thing called work. My work proves my value.

This business isn’t anything if isn’t a test. Everyday one is tested on their knowledge, professionalism and drive. Sometimes you don’t recognize the test but others will. They’ll see where you missed the opportunity to do more, give more and be more.

While I’m not perfect, none of us can preach to be, I always work. It’s praiseworthy and a fault in the same situation. I’ve strained relationships outside of my work world and pushed those in it (to be more, give more, do more). I know this. I know I’m a pusher.

It’s tough to admit things about yourself when they can be viewed as negatives but I think the only way we can get better is to begin recognizing who we are at the core.

My name is Melissa. I love to work and I’m a pusher. So sue me!


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