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Blessed and Blazing August 11, 2011

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I was very fortunate this week and got to go home to the great state of Texas. While it was an abnormally short trip, I got to have dinner with my cousin. Now, this isn’t just any cousin. This is the same cousin that used to toss me up in the air as a young child until his arms were too sore to continue, whose daughter would be my 1st 2nd-cousin and who still reminds me so much of my father. Spending time with him is like going back in time and being hyper-present all at the same time. Without trying, he always reminds me how small life is and how big I can be. Like my father, he wants nothing more than the very best for his daughter and that doesn’t include falling in line. It requires us to stand out, demand more and challenge what others think is quite enough for us. Especially when I was young, this was a bit of a foreign concept. I still find it so odd that my father couldn’t want anything more of his mother or mine than for them to cook, clean and stay home with the kids but he wouldn’t dare dream that life for me. He never wanted me to get caught. Never get stranded. Always be 100% self-reliant. Sometimes you don’t realize something about yourself until you do. Until you’re across the table from someone who looks at you with fond memories and hope for the future.

Sometimes you don’t realize something about yourself until someone reminds you. Who you are, at the core. Where you came from, no matter how small a start. What you represent, whether you recognize it or not. Why you have to work so hard, even if it seems to go unnoticed. When you’ll get there, though the journey is your true destination.

Sometimes you just don’t realize how blessed you are or how quickly you forgot how blazing hot Texas is in August!


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