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Good FICO, Bad FICO, Buy a House? April 7, 2011

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In today’s world, I often get questioned about someone with a good FICO score wanting to buy with someone who has a bad FICO score. Question: “Can we buy together?” Answer: That depends. (Are you picking up on a trend here?)

See, everyone’s credit, debt, income, expenditures, etc. are different so I can’t defiantly say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ but I’ll tell you who can. One of my fabulous Lenders on my Affiliate List. I’d love to give you a resounding “YES!” but that might not be the case.

More likely than not, there are 3 situations that can occur:

  1. Both GF (Good FICO) and BF (Bad FICO) can qualify for the loan and will both be on Title.
  2. GF qualifies for the property by themselves and we can add BF to Title just after we Close Escrow.
  3. Unfortunately, GF is good but not good enough to carry BF. What does this option really mean? That Your Lender and I will help you devise a plan to get you to a place where you can qualify.

Easiest way to figure it out, is to talk to a Lender. If the sound of this makes you a bit uneasy, I’d be happy to sit down with you, too. I’ve done it many times and will do it a few million more, I’m sure.

Should you have any questions about anything you’ve read here, please feel free to call your favorite REALTOR, Melissa Krchnak :)


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