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Yea, Yea, Yea… February 18, 2011

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I know you’ve been listening to every REALTOR®/Lender/neighbor that has a daughter that sold a house once and an aunt that used to do loans say that now’s a great time to buy. I get it! We’ve been harping on it for how long now?

But as my good friend and fellow radio personality, Jason Francis, so eloquently put it, the best time to buy, is when you buy. If you buy now, now’s the best time to buy. If you buy in 6 months, that’s the best time for you to buy. Want to know why? Because you  weren’t prepared 6 months ago. You didn’t have that steady income or that baby on the way (forcing you into adulthood) or you didn’t get that tax refund check. Whatever it is, it wasn’t your time. But now it could be.

NAR stats (per Inman News) show that Housing Affordability is at its highest in, wait for it, 20 years! That’s right, I was in 1st grade the last time it was this good to buy! (Oh, how I loved NKOTB – New Kids on the Block!)

Surprised? You shouldn’t be! With prices this low, interest rates still unbelievably low and the power of FHA still in existence, it’s as easy as ever (should you have good credit) for you to own a home!

If you’re even an acquaintance of mine, you’ve been listening to me for years (yes, years) say that now is an amazing time to have money. You can get so much for your dollar. Real estate is not an exception. If you’re holding out for the bottom, hang up your skepticism and jump in.

As everyone says… I’m just sayin’!


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