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Real Estate is a Vivrant Thing February 14, 2011

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Getting in my car at 5:15 am (up since 4:30 am… I would say that’s rockstar but it’s really not… it is, however, Real Estate Rockstar!) this morning for Spin, I was begging for no talk and more music. Luckily, I scanned and landed on a song from my Freshman year of High School: Vivrant Thing by Q-Tip. In case you’re wondering, “vivrant” is the combination of “vibrant” and “vivacious” and even though he’s talking about a woman, some of the lyrics reminded me of my day-to-day. Peep this (sorry, I’m feeling old school)…

  • Check it out now: Yea, guys! For my Buyers: low interest rates, low housing prices and increased inventory…  For my Sellers: 1st’s being taken care of during Short Sales in CA, lots of Buyers ready to buy your home and Prop 60 and 90 are just waiting for you… Check it out now!
  • Make my plans and you always in it: My whole life revolves around my work so as a client or colleague, you are always a part of my daily plans. Feel special?
  • Give each other space and not the evil eye: I honestly haven’t shown a home in a while (Thanks, Rigo!) but when I do, I hang back and let my Buyers take as much time as they want. If I start talking, I’ll just keep talking and, like I always say, I don’t have to live here – you do. I don’t want my opinion to influence them.
  • Sweeter than Ben & Jerry: For me, this is when we get over our hump: getting Short Sale Approval, Funding the Loan, Closing the Escrow (whatever it may be).
  • Movin’ to your town and situation: I’ll go anywhere you want to go and I’m prepared to work with you no matter what kind of situation you’re in. Believe me, if I haven’t been there or seen it, that doesn’t deter me from figuring it out and/or enlisting help… I love learning!
  • You buy, I sell, we split big cake: Um, we can have cake when we close, if you want.

I know this is kind of ridiculous but I felt like having a little fun on this Monday… oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day! Coupled or single, enjoy the day!


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