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Hello, Holidays! Goodbye, Elections! November 5, 2010

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I know this is a little belated since Halloween was last week but I wanted to weather the political storm (and process it’s results) before writing again. And, was it a storm! Allover the country, Dems and the GOP were fighting for seats (and majority rule) at the state and federal levels. I never like to see one party rule the Senate and the House (with the Gov. or Pres.) but CA has just that. I think there’s something to be said for crossing party lines to make everyone happy.

Speaking of crossing party lines, a ballot measure that I’m extremely upset about passing is Prop 25 which will now allow a Budget to be passed with a simple majority. I think it hurts this state because it means that we now DON’T have to reach across party lines. Whichever party is the simple majority basically writes and approves our budget without consideration for the rest of the state. I know it sounds a bit extreme but I’ve seen what people have traded for votes in the past and they’re good things. Without that barter system, we’re going to do one thing for sure: pass a budget quicker. If that’s all you were worried about then you must be thrilled that this passed but I see this as a huge step in the wrong direction for this (and any) state.

I’m also a little confused that Prop 20 passed. Everyone’s always harping on politicians for how they wish they could draw their own districts and now we’ve given them the opportunity. For me, this is akin to the Gov. or a Senator choosing the votes they want counted toward their election (even if they came from out of state). It doesn’t exactly make sense to me but 61.2% of Californians think this is best for our future.

The rest of the ballot measures were either close or went as expected. And, like I said, I had hoped to have either a Republican Gov. or Senate so we can have some balance up in Sacramento. It’s not good for any of us to have one party rule at every level. Remember, compromise?

Well, enough about politics. I’m gearing up for the Holidays in typical fashion. Wondering where I’ll eat turkey in a couple of weeks, already got my plane ticket to Texas for Christmas, have finished the majority of my Christmas shopping and am taking the calming time of this year to pay more attention to myself. September and October did a number on me. All that traveling typically leads to bad self-maintenance and between pretzel rolls in Chicago, clam chowder in Boston and San Fran, too much coffee in DC and just about everything in New Orleans, I’m getting back to normal. Good thing I did as much walking as I did in all of those cities or I’d be enormous! It’s been easy to slip back into my favorite meal plan but the time, that’s driving me a bit crazy. Since I got used to working quickly in short spurts of time, spending all day at the office, feels like an eternity! I work so fast now (out of habit) that I’m done with everything by mid-afternoon and then everyone catches up later in the day and I’m back at it. It’s making for some unusual hours right now but I’m sure it’ll feel more normal after Daylight Savings. It’s going to be a heck of a lot easier to wake up at 6:45 now! Now, *that* I’m very excited about!


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