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Updates from the Last Week February 10, 2010

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I was in Indian Wells Wednesday through Saturday but my body didn’t feel like I was home until Monday. These meetings are incredibly valuable but they are also mentally and physically exhausting. Running from one meeting to the next really takes a toll… on my heels! I’m of course joking, but it was a lot of information in a very small amount of time. Going back through my notes feels like I’m studying for a test in college all over again.

Of all the things that I took away the one I want to bring to everyone’s attention (because in June there will be an official vote on most of the items) is a situation in Big Bear. The local lodges and B&B’s are trying to make it so that any residential rentals (personally owned homes that you rent out) would be held to the same ADA restrictions that they are. While I appreciate the idea of making more homes ADA compliant, I don’t think that forcing EVERY home to go through those kinds of extensive changes is necessary. If this were to become law, I have little doubt that it would spread to the other vacation rental communities throughout California. This proves a long battle but I hope that it rules in favor of the homeowners.

And, as soon as I came back, I had little time to rest before heading to the Jim Rohn Memorial. If you even know me kind of, you’ve most definitely heard me spout a Jim Rohn quote (whether I gave him credit for it at the time or not). I respect his philosophies immensely and will continue to listen to his voice as often as I can. I implore you to read just a snippet of what he represents. I’d love to lend you a CD or DVD. They’re powerful and power is at it’s best when it’s the power of giving.

Tomorrow night is CVAR’s Mastermind RoundTable at 6pm at the CVAR and for $5 you can get pizza, beer and lots of good discussion and ideas about business and how to improve it. Last year’s was a huge success and we’re hoping for similar success.


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